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New technology NiMH cells
Sanyo have developed a new type of NiMH cell in the form of the Eneloop cell. The crowning feature of these cells is that they do not lose their charge like other NiMH cells. In fact, Sanyo claim that they will retain 80% of their charger after a year on the shelf! Are you tired of your radio batteries running down while standing? Then the Eneloop cell is just for you.

I am using Eneloop cells in my gliders - the 800 mAh AAA cells. I am using the 2000 mAh AA cells in my sports planes and in my transmitters. I can vouch for their good qualities! Everyone that I have sold these cells to has raved about them.

Yes, that's right, the cells come in two sizes - AAA cells that are 800 mAh and AA cells that are 2000 mAh. Please note - these are not fast charge cells, but they work fine with standard radio set chargers and can be boosted in the field using charge rates up to 300 mA.

I have these cells loose and already made up into Rx packs. The packs come either as flat packs or square packs. All packs have a JR/Hitec/Futaba/ MPX UNI plug:

Sanyo AAA Eneloop cells loose:
44.3 x 10.3mm, Weight 12g, Price - $6.50 each

Eneloop AAA 800 mAh Rx flat pack:|
16 x 43 x 48mm, Weight 58g, Price - Now $45.00

Eneloop AAA 800 mAh Rx square pack:

21 x 21 x 48mm, Weight 58g, Price - Now $45.00

Eneloop PRO AA 2500 mAh Rx flat pack:
53 x 53 x 57mm, Weight 114g, Price - Now $49.00

Eneloop PRO AA 2500 mAh Rx square pack:
53 x 29.2 x 29.2mm, Weight 114g, Price - Now $49.00

Eneloop PRO AA cells now available that have 2500 mAh capacity - these cells are now manufactured by Panasonic.

Smart chargers for Eneloop loose cells

New Eneloop PRO cells - Tx & Rx packs also now available in
Eneloop PRO AA cells now made by Panasonic and available loose for $7.50 per cell

Upgrade your Tx and Rx packs to the new, higher capacity cells!
Eneloop PRO cells available ready made in square and flat Rx packs - see PRO AA
8-cell Eneloop Tx packs now in stock:
Replaced by Eneloop PRO packs of 2500 mAh capacity

Sample price - 8 cells $95

Three different Tx packs pictured below - JR lead (left), Spektrum lead (centre), Snap Fastener connection (right) - replaced with Eneloop PRO -
all 8 cell packs of 2500 mAh available at $95
Note - new Spektrum 8 cell packs in Eneloop PRO 2500 mAh available for $95