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Dualsky XM 2838EG-9L

How to Order

 Peter Pine

1/40 Kellehers Road
Pottsville Beach 2489
Phone (02) 6676 1437
Mobile (0407) 732 440

E-mail: ppine@northnet.com.au

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Motor Specifications
Kv = 1350 rpm/volt
Motor Length = 60.4mm
Outside Diameter = 28.8mm
Weight = 98g
Max efficiency current = 15A

Maximum load = 30A for 15 seconds
Maximum Power = 360W
Timing = 15 degrees, medium
Shaft = 4mm carbonised steel

Motor fixing = four 3mm bolts
Bulletst supplied
Recommended controller 3S = Hifei 40A for two servos, Hifei 45A for more servos
An outrunner brushless motor for gliders from Dualsky. Do not be fooled - there is no gearbox - but there is a front housing that is an extension. The 4mm shaft is supported at the front of the housing by an extra bearing - and the bearings are large, oversize, to help take the loads. Capable of flying models up to 1.7 kg powered by 2-3S LiPo . No gearbox is required because of the high torque of this motor type.

Note that this motor has been designed especially for narrow fuselage F5J aircraft up to 3.5m - capable of 360W for 15 seconds. You can use larger props for short runs in models up to 3.5m wingspan.

Prop for 2S - 12x6"
Prop for 3S - 9x7", 10x6", 10x8"

Price = $110

Please note - only use a BEC controller in R/C aircraft if you have 2 or 3 servos - for more servos, go to an SBEC controller that will handle up to 6 servos.

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