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New smart chargers that will charge loose cells
If you have loose cells in your transmitter, or for any other device, and you want to charge them out of the device, these chargers will suit you. Previous chargers available required cells to be charged in pairs or fours and did not have safety curcuits built in. These chargers will charge up to 8 cells at once, and adjust for any number of cells from one to eight. So, you can charge just five cells if that is what is required, or three, or any number up to eight. They are set up to take AA or AAA cells.

• High quality, micro-processor controlled, automatic 1-8 cell charger
• Operates from AC or 12V DCcar plug
• Charges 1-8 cells at once and any mix of AA and AAA cells
• Each cell charged individually - LED indicator for each cell shows status
• Delta V cut-off function avoids overcharging and temperature sensor avoids over-heating
• Reverse polarity protection
• Fast charge 700 mA - charges 2.0 Ah Eneloops in 4 hours
• Trickle charge 50 mA
• Discharge - 420 mA
• Price $59

Ansmann Powerline 8:
• Intelligent charger supervises each cell individually
• 240V input via transformer
• 500 mA charge current - charges 2.0 Ah Eneloops in 4.8 hours
• 200 mA discharge function
• Overcharge protection for each cell - LED shows status of each cell
• Automatic cut-off - reverts to trickle
• Detects faulty cells - reveals if you inadvertently insert a dry cell
• Reverse polarity protection
• USB charging socket 5V/1000 mA for iPhone and similar
• Price $69